What Is Vascular Surgery?

Vascular surgery is defined as a surgical sub-specialty. Diseases of the vascular system, arteries, veins and lymphatic circulation are addressed by vascular surgery services in Rock Hill. The surgery services also include medical (non-surgical) therapy. All procedures, some of which defined as catheter procedures, are minimally invasive. This surgical sub-specialty has evolved from general and cardiac forms of surgery.    

Treatments also focus on the human body’s after main veins and arteries. Both open surgery and endovascular techniques are being used to treat vascular diseases. Specialist vascular surgeons are trained in diagnoses and management of all associated diseases but not the coronaries and intracranial vasculature. Arterial and venous disease treatments use the techniques of angiography and stenting.

vascular surgery services in Rock Hill

They also make use of non-operative varicose vein techniques such as sclerotherapy and endovenous laser treatment. All these are replacing a number of conventional surgical practices still in use across the globe. This advancement in medicine is however, usually confined to the so-called first world countries. Newer surgical practices and its related therapies have reasonable outcomes in mind. But it is argued that they could be more effective than the conventions.

Several advantages for both practitioner and patient are evident. There are shorter hospital stays. And from this, it is believed that reduced medical costs are possible. Recovery periods are shorter. And death rates from vascular surgical procedures have been reduced. Compared to interventional radiology practices, the endovascular arterial procedures are durable. It is inevitable that senior patients’ options could be limited.

But not so the younger patients who may be influenced by personal preferences and their health insurance or medical insurance costs. They are also in a position to physically reverse poor eating and lifestyle habits that could place their vascular system at risk.